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Republican Challenger James Hayes Responds to Congresswoman Summer Lee’s Reelection Announcement

PITTSBURGH – Summer Lee, a radical candidate and passionate advocate for her own extreme agenda, has officially announced her reelection campaign for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Her opponent, challenger James Hayes, remains committed in his effort to unseat her next November. 

With a promise to serve the communities that make up Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, James Hayes’ campaign will continue to focus on engagement and outreach to ensure he delivers on the needs of the community as its Representative. Unlike Summer Lee, James Hayes is driven by his desire to connect and represent all members of the 12th District, not just those who serve his personal agenda. 

“Summer Lee is out of touch with the people in this district and in Pennsylvania as a whole. Her anti-police, anti-Israel, anti-freedom rhetoric has no place in our vibrant, inclusive community. People want solutions to the rising crime and a focus on economic stability and prosperity. Summer Lee continues to spread hate and further divide us at a time where we need both parties to work together to solve our most pressing issues,” said challenger James Hayes. 

James Hayes is a business executive with a doctorate in business, running to challenge incumbent Summer Lee in next year’s congressional elections. Hayes held top positions with Fortune 500 companies as well as a six-year stint with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Va. A native Pennsylvanian, Hayes is the son of a union steelworker who was among those displaced by the massive deindustrialization of the 1980s. He credits the United Steelworkers of America for providing the scholarship money that first sent him to college. He describes himself as a free-market advocate opposed to the radical economic experiments and anti-business activism proposed by Lee and her fellow “squad” members. You can review James Hayes’ resume and more details on his goals for the 12th District by visiting his website: