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Hayes denounces Lee’s plans to share dais with speakers who endorsed terrorist attacks

PITTSBURGH – Republican Congressional hopeful James Hayes today issued the following statement following revelations that incumbent U.S. Rep. Summer Lee will speak before a gala banquet of the Council on American Islamic Relations. News agencies have reported that other speakers include at least three people who have endorsed the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks that killed 1,200 Israeli civilians.

“Summer Lee has made her home with extremists her entire career, trading on anger and resentment as her political currency. It is no surprise that Lee would agree to share a dais filled with antisemites who endorsed the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks on innocent Jews. She entered public life as an extremist and is comfortable breaking bread with intolerant haters. The moment she opens her mouth at this event, she will have devalued the lives of innocent victims and betrayed the values of the people she was elected to represent.

“Lee’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. She calls herself a feminist but will share a table with people who celebrated a sneak attack that included the rape and murder of Israeli women. She talks of a ceasefire while ignoring the fact that it was Hamas that broke the ceasefire in order to murder Jews. Congresswoman Lee claims to represent all people in her district but refused to attend a public service for the Oct. 7 victims. Instead, she will attend a gala dinner celebration with people who publicly endorsed the Hamas savagery. So-called progressives like to talk about being on the right side of history, while ignoring the painful truth that the Jewish people have long been on its receiving end.

“Summer Lee says she rejects antisemitism but has yet to reject antisemites. People need to draw their own conclusions about Summer Lee. She is making it disturbingly easy.”

James Hayes is a business executive with a doctorate in business, running to challenge incumbent Summer Lee in next year’s congressional elections. Hayes held top positions with Fortune 500 companies as well as a six-year stint with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Va. A native Pennsylvanian, Hayes is the son of a union steelworker who was among those displaced by the massive deindustrialization of the 1980s. He credits the United Steelworkers of America for providing the scholarship money that first sent him to college. He describes himself as a free-market advocate opposed to the radical economic experiments and anti-business activism proposed by Lee and her fellow “squad” members. You can review James Hayes’ resume and more details on his goals for the 12th District by visiting his website: