Economic Development

James Hayes knows economics, he knows business, and he know that the economy is here to serve the people – not the other way around. That’s why he supports an end to the kinds of overregulation that has cost our region good-paying, union jobs. He’ll confront the anti-job radicals in Congress that have worked to shut down our manufacturing plants and end family sustaining jobs.


After his own life was upended by the death of his son, James Hayes made it his mission to make certain other families don’t face the same agony. That’s why he supports law enforcement, won’t tie the hands of our public safety workers, and he’ll work to make certain that violent criminals end up where they belong: prison. Hayes will take on and defeat the “squad” members in DC who want to defund the police.


As a young, Black man, James Hayes knew what racism was and that understanding shaped him into someone who appreciates tolerance, acceptance, and the rights of the underdog. That’s why he believes in democracy – and he won’t walk away from our ally, Israel. He knows that a weakened America abroad becomes a less-safe America at home. He’ll support American values and fair treatment for all Americans regardless of race, religion or national origin.